3 Steps to Becoming Confident

Stop being the shy introverted woman.  Come out of the closet and be the woman you deserve to be.

1. Stop Worrying About Your Appearance! Working all day and coming home to take care of a family or to a house that needs cleaning can be extremely stressful on a woman's mind. Due to the amount of errands run in one day and the amount of household tasks needing to be completed, the last thing you should be worried about is your appearance. Although you may think everyone is staring at you with your hair a mess and baggy blue jeans that are starting to fade, the truth is they're not. They are actually probably thinking the exact same thing you are. So why worry? If you don't care what they're wearing, chances are they are not staring at your hair or outfit either.

2. Stop Asking Others for Favors. To become independent the first thing you need to do is start doing things for yourself. Whether it may be getting your license or finding a better job, it is time to start fending for yourself. As every woman knows the pain of rushing you can eliminate that stress by creating a list on how to complete these goals. Instead of wearing yourself down and trying to get everything done at once, give yourself to goals to complete each week to get you where you need to be. This will give you time and help you to avoid anxiety and pressure.

3. Treat Yourself for Once. Instead of always worrying about others, take the time to do something that makes you feel beautiful or happy. Some ideas to spoil yourself with are a new hair cut, a manicure, buying a new out or maybe even going on a girls night out while hiring a babysitter for the children. Whatever it is that brings out the shine in your eyes, take that extra step to make it happen.