Simple Steps to Finding Yourself as a Woman

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It can hard being a woman, but being a woman with a good frame of mind can be liberating and powerful.

Fall in Love With Your Body

As you watch the television and see beautiful women dressed in small, elegant dresses with no flaws to be seen, keep in mind that you are just as beautiful and stunning. Next time you look in the mirror, stare at your body and taken in the beauty of your feminine figure. Accept your stretch marks, embrace your awkward tan lines you got from a day out with your friends and most importantly, fall in love with your curves. Curves are beautiful and your weight, it means nothing to a soul that truly loves you as a whole.

Accept Compliments and Criticism

When a friend or family member gives you a compliment, no matter how down you are feeling you need to accept it graciously. Not only does it insult the giver of the compliment, but it also hurts your self-esteem. As for criticism, always take it as a positive comment. When someone gives you any criticism about your body or even your life, use it as fuel to your fire. If it is something that you feel needs changing, then that comment will be nothing but a boost of motivation to help you make the change.

Don't Ever Put Down Another Woman

You can never truly respect yourself as a woman until you can accept the bodies and minds of all other women surrounding you. In most situations, when a woman starts criticizing another woman on their appearance, it is because they are feeling down about themselves and their own appearance. So next time you go to say something negative about another woman, stop and ask yourself why you are feeling this way and if the comment is deserved.