Today's Generation of Women

Decades ago women seemed to be more respectful, confident and family oriented than today's generation of women. The sad fact of it all is that women today are faced with more struggles and more access to the easy way out of everything in life. Instead of cooking healthy, homemade meals, women are choosing takeout for their children or cheap microwavable meals in order for them to save their energy. Years ago women were only given the main ingredients to make a full course meal from scratch. Thus, giving their family nothing but nutritional foods to help them grow up healthy and happy.

Not only is meal making a thing of the past with today's generation, but the style of clothing is what makes women appear to be disrespectful to themselves and less confident in themselves as a woman. Instead of leaving men questionable about what lies underneath, they are flaunting their entire body to the community. Any man that requires a respectful, confident woman does not seek a female that wear this style of clothing. What they want is a woman that shows nothing but a beautiful smile and a great personality. If it wasn't for the magazine full of half nude women or the music videos, full of women flaunting their bodies, the ladies today would not be apt to feeling beautiful with less clothing.